How to Create a Devastating Lead Generation Campaign

You have heard the term “lead generation” so much in the sales and marketing world, but nobody seems to really know the definition. According to Marketo, lead generation describes the process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. Now that we have that out of the way, lead generation should be a focus point for marketers, sales reps, and entrepreneurs looking to be strategic in increasing revenue. Here are some online and offline ways to help you start the process of generating leads to add to your pipeline.

4 Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Local Website

You have the excitement of starting your own local business and the nervousness of putting all your resources into something you have been thinking about doing for years. Now it’s finally time to start getting customers in the door yet you are confused on how to properly market your small business. How do you generate traffic to your website? Using local SEO marketing to start getting customers is probably one of the first things you should start thinking about as you start your new journey.

Best Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Digital Marketing is the new life blood for new small businesses starting out in 2017. Getting your website and content in front of the right customers can set the tone for more sales and awareness. Below we go over the best digital marketing strategies for small businesses starting out that will work towards gaining new … Continue reading Best Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses