4 Best Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Local Website

You have the excitement of starting your own local business and the nervousness of putting all your resources into something you have been thinking about doing for years. Now it’s finally time to start getting customers in the door, yet you are confused on how to properly market your small business. How do you generate traffic to your website? Using local SEO marketing to start getting customers is probably one of the first things you should start thinking about as you start your new journey.

Here are 4 ways to start generating huge amounts of traffic to your website.


Create Content

What is SEO without great content? Content and keywords are the lifeblood of today’s search engine optimization and a key seo ranking factor. Create a blog and start blogging consistently about your genre. If you are a Mediterranean restaurant, start talking about

  • How to make gyros
  • Why fresh ingredients are important for a greek salad
  • Why authencity is important for Mediterranean cuisine
  • Targeted Local Keywords Ex. Philadelphia Mediterranean

Google is now all about user intent. They are looking at making the user experience as easy as possibly for people searching on the web, so don’t overthink your blog posts and focus on answering potential customers questions.

Another important avenue for a local business is videos. Blog posts with rich media enhances the page in the eyes of Google and equals higher rankings. Include helpful videos so you can start creating awareness with your customers. Another great avenue for video is to start posting videos on Facebook. This can assist in building your audience early and help generate traffic to your site.

Here is an example below





Use google keyword search planner and come up with strategic keywords and phrases that your audience will likely search for. Pick from the list of low to mid volume searches so you can compete better with your keywords. Before putting together your list, think about what keywords your potential customers would be searching for. Put emphasis on  keywords for the main title pages on your website.


  • Site Navigation – Focus your main targeted keywords on your navigation bar. This will enhance internal linking.
  • URL Structure – This is how google reads your page. Make sure your target keywords are in the url and use hyphens.
  • Keywords in Content – As mentioned above, study the keywords in your space and insert them into your content. Don’t overstuff your keywords but try to input long-tail keywords to really reach an audience that would most likely buy from you.



Domain authority is an important part of SEO web marketing and to achieve authority for your domain, you need to start the link building process. If you are having a hard time creating content as it relates to your business, executing link building strategies can really move the needle on your rankings and start generating some serious traffic over time.

Internal Linking  –  Internal links are links to other key pages on your site. The more you link, the more this notifies Google that those pages are relevant which will have positive effects on your rankings.

When you provide internal links for web visitors, you want to make sure that page is a seamless transition, will make a good experience for the user, and will assist in building your brand. Internal links are also great for Google bots to crawl your site to help recognize the structure of your site.

Backlinks –  Getting backlinks is tough but an essential part of SEO. All the content in the world won’t get you ranked unless you have people linking back to your page. This is where you have to be a strategist and a hustler in SEO online marketing.


  • Earned Links – Earned links require no work except creating magnificent content. Earned links mean your content/brand is so good that people automatically link your content. This is the best and natural type of backlinking
  • Manual Outreach – Outreach for links requires some selling skills and being able to perfect cold emails. You want to find common blogs and sites in your space and reach out to them asking to link your content/site on their page. Be personal in your outreach and put together a quick short email acknowledging them and asking for the link.


You might put a lot of hustle into your backlinking outreach and notice the results aren’t what you hoped for. Make sure you don’t make this mistake and go over the reasons below to avoid this problem

  1. Linking to Low Value Sites
  2. Links Don’t have any Domain Authority
  3. Republishing the same content
  4. Spammy Sites


Image result for facebook ads

Social Media

Using search engine optimization marketing can take some time to get going so you are going to need some quicker avenues to start generating traffic in the beginning. Paid Facebook ads can help accelerate early traffic to your site.

Setting up a Facebook ad is extremely easy and you can set up a campaign rather quickly.


  • Choose a photo that resonates with your product.
  • Write your copy and make sure it’s conversational and stands out
  • Put a powerful CTA on the ad
  • Facebook provides a form to capture information or you can link to your own landing page
  • You can narrow down your target audience by various choices that Facebook provides
  • Set your budget and timeline of ad.


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