The Importance of Content Marketing In Sales

Have you ever had the common objection from a prospecting saying “Just send me some information”. Normally in the sales world, we counter that with something to bypass that objection and get to a meeting. If they ask you to send over some information, is that really a bad thing? Is getting permission and getting there email address such a bad thing?  This is where a digital content marketing strategy and can help.

We live in age where people use content to be educated on things they are interested in. So why don’t sales people use content more to educate and engage potential buyers? Below we go over a step-by-step process on engaging prospects through content marketing and answer the question, how does content marketing drive sales?

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Send Targeted Content That Solves a Problem

Content Marketing Institute says content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less. If you have an inbound lead or cold emailing a prospect, try and lead in with content first.

You see a lot of sales people sending mass cold email blasts and asking for meetings on the first email and same with the follow ups while leading with zero value. Next time you send a cold email, send a link with a piece of targeted content that solves a problem or makes their job easier. The same goes if you are cold calling a targeted prospect.

Go on your company page and find engaging content such as:

  • Company News Articles
  • Blog Articles
  • Videos
  • Whitepapers or Ebooks
  • Product Overview/Product Brochures
  • Latest Announcements
  • Any Important Updates from Social Media Page

If you ask them if it would be possible to send over some information, they will most likely say yes. You are taking the pressure off before they can brush you off. You can use this to your advantage as you are getting there permission and capturing there email address for future nurturing.


Don’t Ask For a Meeting Yet

You see so many people asking for appointments way too soon. Why would anyone take an appointment with you off your first email or your first call? I don’t care how good the conversation is. If I am going to take a meeting, I want to see information on your company and see if you are credible. Asking for a meeting early can hurt you instead of help you.

Salespeople need to develop a sense of patience because nobody is going to sign an agreement 1 week after your first outreach attempt. So what is the point of rushing things? The less you beg early on the better you will be. Try to help and educate early on and the selling will come naturally.


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Follow Up

Once you have sent the targeted content to your prospect, wait and let them marinate on it. Prospects are busy and they probably won’t read your content on your first email. That is why the key is in the follow up.

Build a cadence follow up plan to reach out and see if they had a chance to review the material. After 2-3 follow ups, they will review the content and see if this is something that can help their business. If the response is positive, you can ask for meetings, demos, discovery calls, or whatever your next commitment is. If the response if not a fit, you can move on and not force it.

Content Marketing is complicated but you can simplify it to qualify new prospects. Use a variety of tools that your company provides. Use whatever it takes to educate and provide value to your prospects.

As time goes on, they will appreciate this and you will start to build a relationship based on the value you are providing. Sooner or later they will come back to you with interest on your products, because you were the first person they thought of to solve a particular problem they had. They came back to you because of the…………..Content!

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